Sculpting Faces/Arms/Legs



Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm
Approx. Duration: 4hr Class  

Location: Hayston Blvd, Epping - VIC 3076

$159pp    AUD

Availability: 2

Want to learn the techniques to sculpt sugar paste Faces, Arms and Legs? Well you can in this hands on class along side Janene from Sugar Top Cakes.

Our classes are kept small to ensure personal attention and support thought the entire class, with only 4 spots available! 

Suitable for beginners to advanced, this fun class will help students take their figurines skills to the next level. 

During class we focus on modelling with gum paste and combining a range of techniques for different styles of faces, arms and legs that can be used through out your figurine making adventures. 

In this Class you will learn how to

Make gum paste

Sculpt with gum paste and fondant

Mix gel colour with fondant /gum paste

Use styrofoam 

Use internal supports

Create facial expressions

Create different ages in faces  

Work on proportion/size  

Packageing, transport and storing figurine correctly

Figurine Information

In this class you will be learning how to sculpt Faces, Arms and Legs with gum paste and fondant. We will be making several faces using different expressions and facial feature techniques. 

We will also be making several sets of arms and legs using different techniques, showing proportion and  positioning

*Please note you will not complete an entire person figurine in this class*

What your class includes and what will you take home

4 hour of hands on sculpting

Refreshments and a light snack

You will take home your very own handmade gum paste faces, arms and legs along with class notes on proportion and ageing characters

What do you need to bring

Nothing, just yourself! 

All materials, ingredients and aprons will be provided on the day of class
Please note in the comments section of your Checkout or in your email if you have any Dietary requirements i.e Gluten Free, Vegetarian ect

Please arrive 15min prior to the class and wear comfortable closed toe shoes.

Class Availability: 2

Class Details



Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm 

(please arrive by 9:45am)

Cost: $159per person
Approx. Class Duration: 4hr Class  

Location: Hayston Blvd, Epping VIC 3076